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Margaret Maron - 'Take Out' (Signing Line Ticket event)

So many awards for her mysteries, and so many appearances at Quail Ridge over the years.  Margaret Maron returns on Tuesday, June 27, at 7 pm to launch what she says will be her last book. Take Out features Margaret's original protagonist, Sigrid Harald.  Sigrid's several mysteries preceded Margaret's beloved (and award-winning) Deborah Knott series.  Readers of that series noticed Sigrid's appearance in latter Knott novels.  Now Sigrid returns to the fore in Margaret's swan song.  Join us as we party, and honor Margaret's body of work.  She didn't receive that Edgar Grand Master Award for nothing!  Laughs, refreshments, tears, and surprises are sure to occur.  

Signing line ticket event: Receive a ticket for the after-program signing line with the QRB purchase of Take Out. The earlier the book is purchased, the earlier the line position ticket. Those without tickets may join the line after ticket holders. For more information, please contact Quail Ridge Books.

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