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Welcome to my official website.  

Come on in and poke around. Take some time to browse through these pages, meet my characters, and learn more about my books.

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Perhaps some of you are aware of how Amazon has been bullying publishers for a larger percentage of sales? Like Stephen Colbert, I, too, am a Hachette author whose books are being discriminated against. Colbert suggests boycotting Amazon and ordering your books through Powell's a wonderful Portland independent bookstore.  If you would like to order my latest Deborah Knott novel, here's a link to my own favorite indie: Quail Ridge Books and Music. Designated Daughters is now available. If you'd like me to sign or inscribe it, just tell whoever takes your order.

Finally, if you are not able to come see or hear me in person, you can watch a short, three-minute interview I did with Valonda Calloway at one of our local television stations. 

I am also pleased to announce that Slow Dollar, my ninth Deborah Knott Mystery, is now available as an eBook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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